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Bega Bionutrients is a division of Bega Cheese Limited that specialises in the development and supply of bionutrient ingredients for the health and nutrition markets. Bega Bionutrients aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people through delivering innovative bionutrient products.

Bionutrients are natural products that, in addition to their nutritional value, have a specific physiological activity, and are used to support health, physical performance and wellbeing at various life stages.  Bega Bionutrients sources the best of nature’s nutrients, then processes them to maximise their health potential.  Bega Bionutrients leverages the Bega Group’s extensive experience in nutrition, dairy science and the production of specialty dairy products such as milk proteins and lactoferrin.

We began producing bionutrients in 2002 with Tatura Lactoferrin and have grown to be one of the leading lactoferrin suppliers in the world.  Bega collects and processes milk into dairy products at multiple world class production sites across Australia. This gives us a high quality source of milk and whey to develop our range of dairy bionutrients.

Bega Bionutrients works with our customers and partners to develop products with the right quality, scientific backing and performance to realise market success.

To learn more about Bega Bionutrients visit www.begabio.com