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Bega Cheese Limited has a long and uniquely Australian history that all started with humble beginnings in dairy.

Dairying started in the Bega Valley in the 1850’s with each farmer selling produce from their own dairy.  In an effort to improve their individual production and marketing activities, local farmers banded together to establish the Bega Co-operative Creamery Company on July 15 1899.

The Bega Factory began production in 1900 as demand grew for the rich, creamy products made in the traditional way.  Bega has been a dominant brand in the Australian market for over 40 years in both processed and natural cheddar cheese products.  Bega made product regularly sells at the rate of over 1 million packs of cheese per day across a variety of brands and customers.  This includes “Beqa” branded cheese which is cheese manufactured by Bega and sold under the “beqa” brand by Fonterra Brands (Australia).  For more information click here.

In July 2017, Bega expanded its portfolio to include Vegemite, ZoOSh and Bega Peanut Butter.  Bega now operates manufacturing sites across Victoria and NSW producing some of Australia’s most iconic and loved food brands and products.

The Bega name stands for quality and integrity and is synonymous with Australian values.  Bega branded products are the first choice of many Australians as they stroll down the supermarket aisle.