About Us

Our Vision, Purpose and Values

Our vision is to become The Great Australian Food Company through our purpose by creating great food for a better future. This involves a focus on great food, great people, great aspirations and working for the greater good.

Our purpose helps connect our people, customers, consumers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. It helps guide strategy and decision-making and informs our values and behaviours.

We are proud of our heritage as an iconic Australian business with strong connections to agriculture and a passion for creating great food.

Our Behaviours are our values in action

We recognise that our values have a direct impact on our attitudes and behaviours, assist in our decision-making and influence the way we interact with our customers and consumers. They are the foundation of our culture and can impact our experience at work and in the marketplace.

At Bega, we respect and support each other every day. Together we create an inclusive culture that is safe, respectful, and welcoming. You are valued and your voice matters.

As a strong values-based organisation, our Values represent our ideals and describe what is important to us and our priorities, and our Behaviours demonstrate our values in action.

To celebrate our values-based culture, we have a reward and recognition platform B-Valued, where team members can nominate one another who have demonstrated and exemplified our Values and Behaviours at work.

Our people are our greatest asset

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all our team members, contractors and visitors. Our people are our greatest asset and our duty to protect them from harm is our greatest responsibility. We believe that all incidents, injuries and workplace illnesses can be prevented and that everything we do can, and shall, be done safely. This belief is fundamental to our culture and underpins everything we do, every day. To reinforce the importance and understanding of safety across our workplaces, we have launched a campaign ‘Always Safe Together’ to create prominent, easily recognisable safety messages and awareness.

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