Farm Sustainability

Better Farms Program

Bega Cheese would like all farms supplying Bega and Tatura to be vibrant, with dynamic people that help sustain strong rural communities.  Better Farms aims to support its suppliers by providing access to grant funding for professional advice, training and on farm capital works improvement.  Bega Cheese has placed particular focus on supporting suppliers to meet their regulatory requirements, as well as improve the long term resource sustainability and efficiency through industry recommended practice adoption.

Advice & Service Support

Up to $1,000 per farm business is available to support access to professional advice and services that improve quality assurance requirements or the resource sustainability or efficiency of their business.

Training & Development

Suppliers and their staff are actively encouraged to participate in training programs.  Limited grant funding is available for training scholarships for pre approved training programs.

On Farm Capital Works

Up to $5,000 per farm business is available for capital works that will assist suppliers with meeting quality assurance requirements.  For suppliers that already meet requirements the funds can be used to improve the resource sustainability and efficiency of their business.  The supplier is required to match the funding 1:1.

For more information please contact farm services on 1800 722 683 or click here to email

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