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Bega Tasty Bar-B-Cubes

Bega Tasty Bar-B-Cubes are the ultra convenient format of the same great Bega Tasty Cheese. Perfect for snacking, salads and entertaining. Bega Bar-B-Cubes are available in a 500g bag perfect for the whole family.

So Light Tasty 50%

Bega So Light 50% is a mellow, mild and subtle flavoured 50% reduced fat cheddar cheese that still delivers a high quality taste. Bega So Light 50% is aged for up to 7 months to deliver a consistent high quality cheddar cheese that contains less fat than Bega Tasty Cheese.

Bega Strong & Bitey

Bega Strong and Bitey is a vintage cheddar cheese with a strong and bitey flavour, synonymous with Bega. Bega Strong & Bitey is matured for 15 months to become a richer and more flavoursome cheddar cheese. It is ideal on a cheese platter served with fruit and a good wine as well as on the traditional “cheese toasty” for those who love a bit of extra bite.

Bega Extra Tasty

Bega Extra Tasty is a tastier full flavoured cheddar cheese which has been matured longer for an enhanced flavour, while keeping the smooth texture you expect of any Bega cheese. Perfect for those who love a bit of extra bite, Bega Extra Tasty is a delicious addition to any cheese platter.

(This product is only available for export)

Bega Mild

A mild cheddar cheese with a smooth taste, creamy mouth feel and great texture. Ideal for all cheese uses, particularly melting and slicing. A great introduction to natural cheese for children.

(This product is only available for export)

Bega Tasty

A tasty full flavoured cheddar cheese with a smooth and creamy texture. Bega Tasty cheese is aged for up to 10 months to provide the ideal cheese for everyday occasions such as snacking, melting or as an ingredient in family crowd pleasers.

Tasty Sticks

Bega Cheese’s No. 1 selling cheddar cheese, now in a convenient single serve, ideal for kids lunch boxes, parties, catering or a snack any time day or night.

Strong & Bitey Sticks

Now you can enjoy a vintage cheddar cheese in a convenient single serve cheese stick. Ideal for lunches, salads, parties and catering, and great with a glass of wine.