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Live Life HAPPi®

Supplements to live the healthiest version of you.

The HAPPi immune range contains lactoferrin, a protein found in both cow’s milk and human breast milk and is supported by 50+years of research.

Across all life stages, lactoferrin is one of the first-line defence proteins for the body’s immune system, it works in many ways to support immune health.

Human breast milk is particularly high in lactoferrin. In infancy and early childhood, lactoferrin has been shown to help support healthy gut immune function and the body’s ability to fight illness, in particular wheezing illnesses, such as upper respiratory tract infections.

HAPPi conveniently provides ideal dose of lactoferrin for any life stage to help maintain healthy levels in the body.

HAPPi is proudly made in Australia and contains premium Bega lactoferrin.