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QLD Gympie and Darling Downs – Non Exclusive

Statement of Circumstances
QLD Gympie and Darling Downs – Non Exclusive

This Queensland Gympie and Darling Downs Non- Exclusive Farm Gate Agreement is for the supply period commencing on or after 1 July 2021 to 31 August 2022 and applies to farmers:

  • with a dairy farm located in Queensland within:
    • a 5km distance either side of the Mary River between the Dickabram Bridge (on Miva Road) to Tuchekoi Road bridge;
    • a 5km distance either side of Gap Road and Cedar Pocket Road;
    • a 5km distance either side of Tin Can Bay Road between Gympie town centre to the intersection with Radtke Road (on the edge of Toolara State Forest); and
    • a roughly square shaped region, with the eastern border being a line 5km east of the New England Highway from Saint Aubyn in the north, to Greenmount in the south, across in a straight line west to Brookstead and a straight line north to Maclagan, and back across to Saint Aubyn;
  • who wish to supply BDD (formerly LD&D Australia Pty Ltd) on a non-exclusive basis;
  • that can supply BDD with an annual volume greater than 750,000 litres;
  • that can supply milk of Grade 1 quality (TPC <10,000 cfu/mL and SCC <200,000 cells/ml);
  • that have demonstrated compliance with BDD’s milk supply policy (if they have supplied BDD before) or are able to demonstrate that they can comply with BDD’s milk supply policy;

provided that BDD has not already entered into sufficient farm gate agreements to meet its demand for milk at the time a farmer offers to enter into this agreement with BDD, with priority being given to farmers who are existing suppliers to BDD.

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