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Bega Dairy and Drinks Farm Gate Agreements FY2022

Bega Dairy and Drinks Farm Gate Agreements

The mandatory “Dairy Industry Code of Conduct” came into effect on 1 January 2020.  Bega Dairy and Drinks (BDD) (formerly LD&D Australia Pty Ltd) has always worked co-operatively with our dairy farmer suppliers and we are committed to continue to do so. For suppliers in WA, QLD, South Australia (Adelaide Central), TAS and NSW (West, Hunter Valley, Sydney to South Coast) we have set out below the Standard Form Farm Gate Agreements for all new agreements that BDD intends to enter into in FY2022.

If you are a Supplier located outside the regions described above, please check our Bega and Tatura Milk Supply Agreements page or contact one of our Milk Supply Officers.  Suppliers who supplied BDD (formerly LD&D Australia Pty Ltd) in FY2021 in Victoria, Southern NSW or South East of South Australia will be offered a Bega Southern Milk Supply Agreement or a Tatura Milk Industries Milk Supply Agreement as applicable.

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    Supplying Bega Dairy and Drinks (BDD)

    If you would like to request an Income Estimate – Click Here.

    If you would like to know more about supplying milk to BDD please call 1800 722 683 or email farm.services@bega.com.au

    Farm Gate Agreements for Existing Suppliers

    Existing suppliers will receive an electronic agreement via email, suppliers will be able to review the contract and sign online ensuring continuous supply to BDD. Each supplier will be emailed an income estimate using current announced pricing.

    Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy, we will work with you to ensure you get a copy of the contract.  Please call your Milk Supply Officer or email farm.services@bega.com.au to request a paper copy of the contract.  Go to the Contact Us page to find your Milk Supply Officer’s contact details.

    For more information on the Dairy Code of Conduct – Click Here