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Statement of Circumstances

This Hunter Valley region New South Wales Milk Supply Agreement is for the supply period commencing on or after 1 July 2023 to 31 August 2024, 31 August 2025 or 31 August 2026, at the election of the farmer and applies to farmers with a dairy farm located in the following milk pick up regions who will supply us on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis and otherwise meet the Statement of Circumstances below.

Milk Volume Required: 30ML in total for New South Wales

Milk pick up Regions: Dairy farms located in New South Wales within:

  • a 50km radius of Hexham town centre;
  • a 30km distance either side of the New England Highway (A15) travelling between Branxton and Scone;
  • a 15km radius of Denman town centre; or
  • a 50km radius of Hexham town centre to a 40km radius of Maitland town centre.

Statement of Circumstances

  • Current Dairy Food Safety Licence;
  • Compliance with legislation in relation to milk production, including environmental/effluent management and animal welfare;
  • Historic compliance with the quality standards and quality assurance program of a member of the Bega Group* or proof of compliance with another processor’s quality standards and program;
  • Commitment to work health and safety for the staff and contractors of the Bega Group;
  • Safe and efficient tanker access and logistically efficient collection for the Bega Group;
  • Ability to supply the Bega Group with an annual volume greater than 750,000 litres;
  • Ability to supply milk of Grade 1 quality (TPC <10,000 cfu/mL and SCC <200,000 cells/ml);
  • Sufficient production capacity for a minimum milk collection of 1,800 litres per pickup on a “skip a day” basis (milk no more than 48hrs old);
  • Meets assessment and verification checks;
  • At the time the farmer offers to enter into this agreement, Bega Group has not already entered into sufficient milk supply agreements to meet its demand for milk;
  • If the supply of milk exceeds Bega Group’s demand, priority will be given to existing suppliers to the Bega Group and those suppliers who want to supply the Bega Group on an exclusive basis.

* Bega Group means Bega Cheese Limited and its subsidiaries, including Tatura Milk Industries Pty Ltd and BDD Australia Pty Ltd.

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